Consulting Services

We can provide consulting engineering services at competitive rates, for tasks such as:


Heat Balance Analysis - Conventional Power Plants


We are happy to use FCYCLE, CCYCLE, and NCYCLE to solve problems for clients.  Click here for MORE DETAIL AND PRICING


Heat Balance Analysis - Special and Unusual Cycles


For special cases (advanced cycles, new gas turbine concepts, special industrial cycles, advanced nuclear systems, geothermal applications, etc.) where the costly development of a fully user-friendly heat balance program isn't justified, our engineers can perform the needed heat balance analysis on a consulting basis.  We start with the the vast technical program libraries employed by FCYCLE, CCYCLE and NCYCLE and custom tailor them, to your needs.


Mechanical Systems Design and Trouble Shooting


The authors of our software are practicing engineers with unsurpassed experience in operations support and analysis of mechanical systems, including systems that convey steam, water and gases, heat exchangers, cooling towers, pumps fans, compressors, air ejectors, etc.


Performance Testing


Our engineers have vast experience in performance testing in fossil, combined cycle, industrial, geothermal, nuclear, and other power plants.


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