Cooling System,- FCYCLE - CCYCLE - NCYCLE

inputs for the cooling system
once through condenser
generic cooling system

FCYCLE-CCYCLE-NCYCLE allow the user to select one of five types of cooling systems:


Once Through Condenser

Surface Condensers are modeled using the Heat Exchange Institute Procedures. The required data is shown below.

cooling tower modeling
air cooled condenser

Help is available when you need it.

Up to three separate condenser zones with three pressure levels may be modeled.

• Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower/Condenser

• Natural Draft Cooling Tower/Condenser (FCYCLE and NCYCLE only)

Cooling Towers may be modeled using:


• Vendor Curves


• The  Marley Co.'s "Rating Factor/Tower Units" method, for  mechanical draaft towers, or the "CTE Units" method for natural draft cooling towers. These methods give excellent results from a minimum of data.


• KVA/L vs L/G data using Merkel's equation.  This predicts tower performance under a full range of conditions.

Air Cooled Condenser


Air cooled condensers are modeled by scaling performance from a known design point using a minimum of vendor data

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