Excel® Interface

All our heat balance programs can receive inputs from Excel®  and send outputs to Excel®.


Inputs for F-C-N-Cycle Using Excel®

• The interface uses an "add-in" function:  FCYCLEINPUT


FCYCLEINPUT works much like other Excel® functions such as SQRT, AVERAGE, MAXIMUM, etc. FCYCLEINPUT

has two arguments.


= FCYCLEINPUT (Input Point Number, InputValue )


• Prepare your input data in Excel®.


• Click on a new menu-bar selection: Send inputs to F-C-Ncycle

Excel screen shot

Outputs From F-C-NCYCLE Into Excel®


The interface uses "add-in" functions:





They work much like other Excel functions such as SQRT, AVERAGE, MAXIMUM.


= FCYCLEDATAOUTPUT(FileName, Output Point Number, Property)


Excel screen shot

Excel® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

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