Heat Balance Modeling Services

Q: I need to do some heat balance modeling of a power plant, but I don't have the time to do it myself. Can you help me?


A: Yes. We are happy to do heat balance modeling using FCYCLE CCYCLE and NCYCLE. If you need our expertise in more   general heat balance matters, we will be happy to provide full CONSULTING SERVICES


Q: How do I make this happen?


A: Send an E-Mail to jaf@powersoftwareinc.com, telling us what kind of power plant you have and what problem you need solved.


Q: What is the cost of heat balance modeling?


A: It depends on the amount of modeling needed. We will set up a complete heat balance model of your generating unit and produce up to six "what if" cases for a one-time fee of $2800. Subsequent heat balances will be priced at $1200 for a set of up to six. If your needs are different from this standard situation, we will quickly quote a price.


Q: How long does it take to do the modeling and get the results?


A: Three days is typical


Q: How are the results delivered?


A: The results will be delivered in the two formats below:


• As FCYCLE-CCYCLE-NCYCLE files. These can be loaded by FCYCLE CCYCLE and NCYCLE, or by their free DOWNLOADABLE demos.


• As heat balance diagrams in bitmap (*.bmp")   format.


Q: What data do you need?


A: At a minimum, we need:


• A full-load turbine cycle heat balance, usually provided by the turbine manufacturer

• An "exhaust loss curve", or the root and tip diameter of the last stage blades (or the flow "annulus" area and length of the  last stage blades.)


Other data may be needed, depending on the nature of the problem>  For example, if you need to calculate the effect of cooling tower changes, we will need data regarding the tower, the condenser and circulating water system. Other data will also make the heat balance model more accurate and complete.


This data can include:


• Boiler performance data sheets

• Cooling Tower performance data

• Condenser performance data

• Pump Curves

• HRSG performance data

• Gas turbine firing curves, compression ratio etc.

• Feedwater heater performance data

• NSSS pressure curve and other performance data


Q: How do I make certain that I have the data you need?


A: Three simple steps


• Scan it

• Attach it to an E-mail describing the problem you want solved.

• Send the E-mail to jaf@powersoftwareinc.com


We will review it, and tell you if it's okay.


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