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The HRSG may have up to 6 pressure levels, each with up to 10 sections, with 25 total sections (A section is an economizer, a superheater or an  evaporator).


HRSG's with once-thru pressure levels can be modeled, as shown for the HP section below.

HRSG modeling diagram

HRSG performance may be specified by using one of two general methods.


• The first method involves the user specifying parameters such as the pinch point, subcooling, outlet temperature, etc. of each section.


• The second method involves the user specifying the number of heat transfer units (UA) for each section. If this second method is selected, the user may elect to have the UA ratioed with gas flow to account for the reduced heat transfer coefficient that occurs with reduced flows.


A wide range of HRSG features and auxiliaries is supported.  Among these are


<>integral and external deaerators

<>constant and variable speed pumps

<>economizer recirc and bypass systems


<>pegging steam

<>blowdown systems

<>pressure letdown systems

<>duct firing systems


HRSG inputs are made using graphically interactive forms that highlight the section or pressure level for which the input is being made.

HRSG inputs diagram

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