Mollier and Pinch Point Diagrams - FCYCLE - CCYCLE - NCYCLE


Mollier Diagrams

FCYCLE Mollier diagram

With one click, FCYCLE, NCYCLE, and CCYCLE will draw a Mollier diagram of the steam turbine expansion. The Mollier diagram can be printed, or copied into other programs such as MS Excel® or Word®, as a bitmap.


A portion of an FCYCLE (single reheat) Mollier diagram is shown below:

A CCYCLE HRSG heat transfer (Pinch Point) diagram is shown below. The water and steam sides of the different pressure levels are shown in different colors (for example the high pressure econ, evap, and superheater are red; the reheater is green).  Also notice that the HRSG has interlaced and parallel superheaters and reheaters.


HRSG pinch point diagram

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