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FCYCLE is a complete, accurate, and easy to use heat balance program for fossil units with a fired boiler and zero, one, or two reheats.

CCYCLE is a heat balance program for gas turbine combined cycle units. It calculates complete heat balances for the gas turbine, HRSG, steam turbine, cooling system, etc.

NCYCLE is a complete, accurate, and easy to use based heat balance program used for BWR and PWR nuclear power plants.


• Overall Plant Efficiencies

• Cogeneration

• Full Arc Admission

• Acceptance tests

• Performing Monitoring

• Repowering


• NOX Reduction

• Cycle Redesign

• Marginal Cost Analysis

• Capacity Upgrades

• Pricing Process Steam Systems

• Fuel usage includes natural &

  refinery gas, waste, wood, oil,

  coal, and uranium


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• Companies across U.S. as well as abroad


Combined Cycle power plant




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